Truly Sweetheart

Hey guys :) Assalamualaikum .
Yeay waktu telah menunjukkan pukul 12.40 pagi, 1hb December okay ?
Congrats to Fitriah with Azfar for their couple-date .

Semalam pulak 30hb November, my favourite date .
Of course my couple-date with Mohd Zaki .
The lovely sweetheart, dear :D

Now we been together for one year-one month .
Happy to remind that, HAHA .
Really love you okay, sayang .

Even I hard to say ILOVEYOU to you .
Its doesn't mean that I'm not love you okay .
I really love you, deeply from my heart .
Always remember about this, clear(?)

I want you to know that, you are important in my life .
I know you always be patient with my attitude .
I know its hard but hey, you must accept that are your GIRLFRIEND attitude .
Chill okay, you always try to understand me .
That why ILOVEYOU .

Dear, I want to remind you about your promise .
Dont ever you forget about that .
Insyaallah, we will be together soon .
I keep your words .

Rarely we can have a date, agree(?)
I'm sorry, I cant do anything .
Again, be patient :)
Just wait when our FITY can help us, sayang .

Till then, honest from me .
iREALLYlove-love-loveYOU, LEBAH .

p/s : COOL(!) Kalau ' pakcik ' baca, confirm dia gelak kat aku . HAHA but my BEE, kau kena terima bahawa MADU kau dah pandai jiwang sekarang . Sila bangga okay(!)

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