Apa Kau Rasa Hati Aku Batu?

I dont know why but I feel like so TOUCHING tonight . Really sensitive and other word , sad maybe . Hate in this situation because I will be crying and so on .

Eww eww but I must accept that I'm emotional person :( Just forget about that . I want to tell that IREALLYMISSMYFRIENDS . Just stay at home and eat, online then sleep . I dont want just do that, I must meet my friends . Do you have some time for me(?) *who feel that my friends, I really mean that okay dear* . I mean all .

We have many bittersweet memories right(?) I want new of many memories again with you all . I know all my friends now in different places , not like before but dont we space our time just for us(?)

Yeah honestly, I'm crying while make this entry . HAHA really funny if I think it again, I'm crying(?) Just in silent mood because mother is beside me . Closed topic about that . So guys , when we can have our date(?)

p/s : rojak speaking okay . Jangan terasa siapa pun . But hey girl with name Nur Fitriah Zulkifli , rindu kau t'sangat<3 . Lebeh dari aku rindu ' pakcik ' tau . Haha .

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